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Who we are

Our Company

Accurate Venture is a leader in the performance-based marketing industry. With a proven track record, high customer retention, exclusive deals and outstanding customer support, Accurate Venture continues to corner market share in four of the largest product verticals. Our internal media buys and network of publishers has grown to several thousand and we grow by hundreds more every month.

Accurate Venture is a vertical company. We own all the product offers that we advertise. We control the supply from manufacturing to end-user. We contract exclusively with the brands that we market so no other company can market the same products online.

Marketing with perpetual, exclusive, online distribution rights aren't the only great moves we've made. All our contracts include an equity-stake in all brick and mortar sales. With strong negotiations and even stronger C-Level employees making the deals, we have consistently proven our marketing power builds brand value.

When we market a brand, we not only receive the profit from our efforts as if we owned the brand, we also enjoy a clean percentage of everything the brand sells through their own distribution. Without the cost or added risk, we get a piece of every distribution deal we make. We win because we have proven our marketing strategy takes products from barely known names and turns them into nationally known brands.

Not to be overlooked is Accurate Venture's ability to find and retain talent. Matching up human intelligence with technology is one of Accurate Venture's fundamental principles. This combination has proven to be a successful hiring strategy across all departments. We consistantly hire the most talented prospects and allow them to recognize their potential faster than our competition.

Company director William Fisher says, "I founded Accurate Venture when I realized most companies don't truly understand internet marketing. Everyone I spoke with in the marketing game were in it only for themselves. They didn't care about the products they were marketing. They didn't care about customer satisfaction. This selfish way of thinking left a lot of money on the table. I figured if offline sales were going to enjoy the benefits of our online branding then we should enjoy the benefits of the offline profits. At the same time, I didn't want the costs and potential pitfalls associated with manufacturing. So I crafted our first agreement that added profit from offline sales while limiting our exposure to the costs and risks of manufacturing. That first agreement was the start of Accurate Venture."

Accurate Venture Leaders

Bill Fisher

Founder and CEO

Our leader and CEO, Bill Fisher is an executive with over 20 years experience in building brands and businesses in both domestic and global markets. An accomplished strategist with a passion for hitting his growth objectives through business development, optimized operations, financial analysis, global outsourcing, logistics strategy, progressive marketing, strategic partnerships, business intelligence and innovation. Holding certifications in Entrepreneurial Management and Corporate Development, Bill builds…

Frank Anthony

Chief Statistics Officer

Frank Anthony is well decorated in the statistics field, holding certifications in Data Science and Neuroeconomics. Frank is a key corporate asset, responsible for the company's Statistics & Analytics, Re-Marketing Analysis and data handling. Frank's focus is on overseeing the development of data to be commercialized by the company.

Beaudon Spaulding

Chief Marketing Officer

Recruited into the Internet Tech industry in 1996, Beaudons specialty is in Behavioral Intent Marketing, Digital Ad Serving, Digital Advertising, Ad Serving Technologies (methods of delivery), and Ad Operations. All framed under CPM based Ad Feeds. His expertise extends to Call Centers, Contact Center Operations, Call Center Technology, Verified Lead Generation,and full Data Management.

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Why Choose Us?

Direct, Unique Offers

Nowhere else on the web will you find the category uniqueness we offer. Our offers are truly one-of-a-kind. 

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Anaytical Experts

Our key staff understand analytics. You have to know your customers wants and whos buying if you are to make it past the first sale.

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Certified Staff

We give you the data that you need to run our offers at their maximum conversion performance. A full-time staff of certified data scientists and neuroeconomics experts analyze every click and keep us pushing the edge of tommorrow's trends.

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